Find Staples Near Me

Staples is one of the largest multinational office supply of cheap retail products in United States. They have over 1,500 stores nationwide, which has the headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts. Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg co-founded Staples on May 1, 1986. They aim to provide quick and easy access for the best retail office products worldwide. You can easily find Staples near me in your local open now to serve 24/7 with their best and most affordable supplies.


The Staples nearby provides cheap office supplies including affordable office machines and staples. They are open now locally to provide promotional products and technology necessary for customers. Some are also open late to provide more business services you need to find 24/7. They have about 125 warehouse centers in most local areas, which enable them to supply sufficiently for every branch of Staples.


They are popular for their wide selection of products to supply every office supply needs of customers. They also ranked as an environmentally friendly company because they offer more than 2,900 office supplies with recycled content. They are in a great effort to make the recycled paper available to phase out products of endangered forests. They also have reduced strategies in all their Copy and Print Centers nearby to put their copier machines in sleep mode after 15 minutes of use. They also support the renewable source of energy and give gift cards to homeowners and business establishments who install solar panels.


The Staples also offers generous rewards for their customers. They have coupons where customers can earn rewards with no limit as long as they comply with the locally set requirements. The Staples near me offers printing and marketing services with the most affordable photocopies, digital printing, faxing, custom business cards, and rubber stamps. They also process lamination, folding, cutting, and engraving of products. The production is open late to ensure they are ready in a day or less.


Most of the Staples branch also feature technical services for in-store or on-site repair, upgrades, networking set-up, or tutorials. Staples ensure that customers receive services within the shortest time possible from the simplest task of memory installation to the complex network monitoring. To ensure the highest quality of service, they have collaborated with the experts in IT to provide the most advanced network configurations and server setup. Each customers are assured to get only the best service possible.


Staples is one of the best stores where you can find unique office supplies that you may need. They also make sure that they always have a good inventory of the most commonly required items to provide easy access for their clients. Since they have also provided more services, it is more convenient for homes and businesses to find what they need in one establishment. After all, they are one of the most reputable stores in the United States.


With the success that they have, Staples never forgets to give back to those in need. They support Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Ashoka, and Earth Force. They also provided initiative for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. On top of that, they also donate to the Children’s Funds with over $7.5 million. Supporting Staples by visiting their nearest stores enable them to continue reaching out for great cause and ideals.