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The Western Union is an affordable global payment service provider that is accessible for everyone. They are equipped to help people both locally and internationally, including families living away from each other, global corporations, and small businesses to transfer money. In addition, they are determined to aid in hasten different local economies to grow. You can find them within nearby areas or inside malls, which can be open late to provide quality financial transfer services. They are dedicated to continuously innovate and develop ways of sending money with cheap service charges.  


There are over 500, 000 agent locations and 100, 000 automated teller machines or kiosks within more than 200 countries. Rest assured that you could find one branch in your local area and nearby community to transfer money securely and seamlessly. They provide 24/7 service all around the globe, ensuring that your money is received conveniently. Locally, it is the best and safest way to send support to anyone in the world. They are open now to enable entrepreneurship or education and recognize special occasions to important people by simply reaching out in every local branch.


One of their payment methods on every branch near me also helps partners of different businesses to send money overseas. On top of that, they allow a hassle free process of sending or receiving funds, paying bills, and even purchasing gift cards. There are also available next day or money-in-minutes services that ensure the transfer from nearby branches to another. When sending, you need to provide the recipient’s name and destination, and then the Western Union will provide the sender a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number. This ensures that only the authorized person receives the money.


The transfer fees are very cheap yet you can be sure that your money gets to its destination safely. These transfer fees would usually vary from the sender’s location and that of the receiver. It is also highly affordable as compared with other service providers. The Western Union has a long history and great reputation to become one of the most favored money transfer services in the world. They are open now to serve financial transferring needs, up to about 24/7 especially in the busiest areas.  

The Western Union offers the best and most reliable service of only money transfer or bills payment but they also work hand in hand to detect illegal transactions. They are required to maintain records of individuals to avoid money laundering. You can be sure that they work with the best effort to provide a fraud-free and legal environment. They are also open late, especially during peak season in the well-secured areas of every locality.


The Western Union is a highly successful company. Even with that, they are also very charitable and they donate to certain causes including victims of natural disasters. This is one of the reasons why opting for this money transfer service near me, such a worthwhile deed. They find ways to give back what they have earned to those in need.